With Miller Coffey Tate LLP's emphasis on personal service to our clients and their individual business needs in mind, our services include:

  • Bankruptcy, Litigation Support and Fraud Investigations
  • Financial and General Business Consulting
  • Business Valuations
  • Tax Preparation and Planning
  • Business and Personal Financial Planning
  • Estate and Trust Planning
  • Auditing, Review and Compilation

Services are billed at the firm's standard hourly rates plus out-of-pocket expenses.

Continuing Service Commitment

Our experience has taught us that each client's needs are unique in many ways. Flexibility is required to meet these needs and to adapt to ever changing business and legislative environments. The demand for high quality, dependable service is far greater today than ever before. Choosing the right firm to assist you is an important decision you must make. By looking for competence, expertise and professionalism, you will ensure the kind of effort and attention to detail that will make any assignment a success. At Miller Coffey Tate LLP, we are committed to satisfying your needs. A team of our specialists will be assigned to your engagement to ensure a continual level of prompt and professional service.

Firm Specialities

Bankruptcy Support Services

Assist Chapter 7 Trustees with recovery and disposal of assets, investigation, analysis and prosecution of fraudulent conveyances and insider and preference actions, analysis and objection of claims, and preparation of required tax filings.

Fraud Investigation and Litigation Support Services

Assist counsel with investigation and review of records, investigate fraud and money laundering, and provide expert testimony and report services.

Business Valuation and General Consulting

Analysis of financial activity and provide valuation services for disputes. Perform general consulting services in a variety of industries.